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“I’m not plastic” Real Housewives of Melbourne Season 4

“I’m not just a feisty b*tch that looks good,” declared Venus Behbahani-Clark as she was introduced as a new cast member of Foxtel’s The Real Housewives of Melbourne , which has been filming Season 4 around town for a few weeks.

The 35 year old mother of two has no qualms about joining the successful franchise but doesn’t want people to be too quick to judge.

“Please, please don’t judge a book by its cover. Get to know me. My heart is kind. Don’t judge me by my looks,” she told 3AW before confirming, ‘I do believe in looking good so I have had a little bit of cosmetic work done but it’s not that I’m all plastic.”

Her children, aged seven and three, will appear in the series. And her oldest has already started asking questions about her mother’s role in the show but Venus says she will not allow her children to watch.

Venus has seen the previous series, commenting on the cast. “All the girls have challenging personalities because they are smart girls. So we all have a little bit of guard there.”


Venus Behbahani-Clark photo by Donna Demaio

46 year old Gamble Breaux has enthusiastically returned to the show, hinting that while she had a “rough start” she’s now having a great time despite sparks flying. “It’s a treasure trove of trash and I’m so excited. I’m having a bit of fun with some new meat.”

She also hinted that after just a few weeks, she already has some regrets, explaining “I was in a bad mood when we started, so I wasn’t really myself for a while but I’m feeling normal now.”

Gamble says the program has been good to her. “It’s life changing. It gives you a platform not to do boring stuff. You’re obviously up there to be made a bit of fun of, but that’s all right.”

Breaux also spoke of the stress involved in planning her stepson’s 21st birthday party, revealing that it cost twice  as much as her wedding.

The other new housewife is 51 year old Sally Bloomfield who, after talking to former Real Housewife Chyka Keebaugh, thought she’d give the show a go.

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