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The Lume Melbourne

An unparalleled immersive art experience.

After seven years in development, The Lume Melbourne has opened – a 3,000 square metre, 11 metre high digital art gallery, celebrating the creative genius of Vincent Van Gogh.

It’s technically stunning, creatively impressive and visually delightful.

After Covid-19 curve-balls and lockdown dramas, founder of Melbourne-based creators Grande Experiences, Bruce Peterson is thrilled to have finally established this mesmerising attraction.

“This is the new world we live in. This is the perfect way to celebrate togetherness with Van Gogh,” he says.


Art lovers devise their own route through the exhibition, meandering at their own pace. The art room overflows with visitors standing at miniature easels, sketching with pencil and eraser in hand, guided by a video tutorial. The soundtrack is stirring, from Erik Satie to Vivaldi. Overall, a calming, visually spectacular and stimulating experience.

Other bits

The merchandise store has wonderfully comfortable and stylish masks, so I stocked up. I did a double take when passing adorable Van Gogh Pop Vinyls, all lined up. And there’s a cafe/bar, so you can sip and nibble while you experience the wonder. There are plans for yoga sessions within the gallery walls.

Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (west end)
5 Convention Centre Pl
South Wharf

When: November 2021 until May 2022.


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