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We Will Rock You: Melbourne

It’s really loud. But that’s how the audience likes it. Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You is pounding out Queen hits at The Regent Theatre, with a cast that impresses from the first few notes.

The ensemble cast is energetic, frenetic and garishly good, while Gareth Keegan as Galileo and Erin Clare as Scaramouche are wonderful.

Must mentions include Brian Mannix (Buddy), Casey Donovan (Killer Queen), Jaz Flowers (Oz), Thern Reynolds (Brit) and Simon Russell (Khashoggi). They each bring a certain pzazz to the futuristic show about a time when people don’t know what live music is anymore.

The cast

Entertainment reporter Donna Demaio caught up with the main players including Ben Elton.

Watch video here:


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