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Roc’s Bar, Jam Factory, South Yarra

Roc’s Bar at the Village Cinemas at the Jam Factory has officially opened, describing itself as New York cool. At the launch, invited guests were treated to the theatre of freeze-dried popcorn, cool champagne and canapes (the prawn and chorizo skewers were a hit) – an apparent expression of gratitude for the crowd who had stepped out on a brisk Monday eve.

As the film fans snuggled into the V-max seat to watch Jason Bourne, a special mention was made of the founder of Village Cinemas, Roc Kirby. It was he who in the 1950’s founded Village Drive-Ins in Croydon ( later the operation was to be known as Village Drive-Ins and Cinemas) and who now has a beautiful bar named after him.

A brief video introduction from actor Matt Damon was impressive, as he noted the crowd was amongst the first in Australia to see the action-packed film.

Roc’s, with piano bar, comfy couches and chic décor, hosted more drinks after the screening.


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